Hilton Tokyo Bay lounge O

ヒルトン東京ベイ lounge O


Hotel / Spa / Bar


橋本夕紀夫デザインスタジオ, LoopConsulting Inc.
hashimoto yukio design studio, LoopConsulting Inc.

2015 Chiba, Japan




This was a renovation project for the lounge located in the center of the Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel lobby floor. In the entrance, which is designed for leading guests, emphasizes it’s interior design using a lot of circles by selecting three lighting method centrically, which are installed downlight in a circle, indirect lighting installed in the circle ceiling and bubble partition lighting illuminated with down lighting method symbolically.
Guests are leading from the both side of bubble partitions step into the lounge from the entrance.
In the high ceiling of lounge area, lighting rings are floating above the buffet counter, in which exist as feature objects and ensure functional lighting at the same time.
The bubble partition surrounding the buffet counter is lighted beautifully. This partition which is lighted with narrow spot lighting from the top of the Atrium, is not only creating a strong presence but also making interesting pattern appear on the floor by the shadow of rings.


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